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October 29th
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Those born on October 29th generally exhibit a new approach or bring fresh ideas to their work. Quickly seizing on a better way to do something seems to come naturally to them. They tend to be logical and work well within systems, particularly when they have implemented them personally. Their penchant for being prepared, combined with their personable qualities, is greatly responsible for their degree of success.

They are involved, on a conscious or unconscious level, with the nature of power and how it is exercised by themselves and others. Often charming, those born on this day tend to be highly persuasive types. On a personal level, they are able to exert strong control over those who are emotionally involved with them. In this respect they should beware of the danger not only of unduly influencing a loved one's life but also becoming tied to, in a sense dependant on, their dominant role.

October 29th people know something about using sex, money or power to manipulate situations in which they find themselves. They instinctively understand how to make a powerful first impression, and how to get what they want.

Those born on the 29th of the month are ruled by the number 2 (2+9=11, 1+1=2), and by the Moon. Enhanced by the Moon's strongly reflective influence, a strong Moon-Pluto connection grants special insight into the dark side of human nature to those born on this day. The secondary number 11 lends emphasis to the physical plane (emphasizing the sexual nature of the Pluto-ruled sign of Scorpio) as well as a possible interest in twins, coincidences, serendipity, reflections or other doubles.

Tarot card appropriately shows a spiritual person who reveals hidden forces and secrets, empowering those who heed them with that knowledge. Favorable qualities of this card are quietude, intuition, and reserve; negative valuesinclude secretiveness, mistrust, indifference and inertia.

Strengths: Convincing Thorough Influential
Weaknesses: Obsessed Closed Secretive


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